Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 revealed

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 New Design Feature Specification And Review

We’ll learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 little by little. We discovered that the Korean manufacturer’s anticipated smart watch will have, among other information, the finest functionality of the Apple Watch 4. And, we can now have all sorts of information about Samsung’s anticipated smartwatch.

We have to bear in mind that we are facing leakage, so we can’t check this data. But we must bear in mind that the source is the partners of SamMobile, so we can offer this information a lot of reality.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

To begin with, we can verify that two Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 models will be available: a 40 mm model and a second 44 mm case version. The company intends to attract the biggest amount of clients as anticipated, so it expects us to purchase this smart watch irrespective of the size of our wrist.

Design Of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Design Of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: We understand that both models will be completed in aluminum or stainless steel following the design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Furthermore, the version of aluminum will be available in black, silver and pink, while the model of stainless steel will also have a version of gold. His body weight? 31 grams for a heavier variant and 36 grams for a 44 mm case watch.

We know that as with the first model, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 won’t have a rotating bezel. But the new smartwatch will have a new feature called Touch Bezel in this case. What is that meaning? Well, we can’t transform the bezel, but to navigate the user interface, we can tap your finger on it.

The processor will, of course, be the same as we’ve seen in our Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch evaluation. In this manner, besides having a Bluetooth and LTE version, the new Samsung smartwatch will feature an Exynos 9110 processor.

With this, without touching the screen you can use the device’s interface, so the dreaded fingerprint marks won’t be as noticeable. And since we’re talking about the monitor, say it will have a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED screen and 1.2-inch Super AMOLED screen respectively, offering a 360x 360 resolution.

And eye, because of the Gorilla Glass DX + protection, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 display will be very durable. You don’t believe that’s enough? Well, you know it’s going to have the MIL-STD-810 G military standard for durability, so it’s going to be as hard as the LG V50ThinQ.

Best Feature Of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Best Feature Of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: On the other side, we expect the smaller model to have 768 megabytes of RAM and the bigger version to have 1.5 GB of RAM. And the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 battery? Depending on the size of your box, it will also be distinct. The lower model will have a battery of 247 mAh, with the bigger clock having 340 mAh.

In addition to detecting falls through a fresh photo plethysmo graphy sensor, some of the features we had earlier heard are confirmed, such as the ECG scheme for real-time electrocardiograms. And lastly the manufacturer in its new watches will publish the recent connectivity standard.

In this manner, in relation to enhancing its energy efficiency, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will have Bluetooth 5.0 to give four times the variety of earlier models.

With regard to the release date of this fresh Samsung watch, we probably understand all the information of the Samsung Galaxy Watch during the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Review Of Samsung Galaxy Watch

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