Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Features, Specification, Design, Hardware & Review

We had been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, iPad Pro’s next big competitor, to be presented. We haven’t heard rumors about this device for the first moment, and now we can confirm them. And that, we were amazed by the Korean manufacturer’s official introduction of its new premium tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is anticipated to see the light next to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in principle. the manufacturer chose to promote the launch of its fresh option to the iPad Pro at the last time. The lead? A high-hardware solvent device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Features, Specification, Design, Hardware & Review

Design and features Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

We don’t discover excellent news in the esthetic chapter. Most of all because the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6’s big amount of filtered pictures already disclosed to us what the fresh tablet of the manufacturer would look like.

Said and accomplished: we discover a machine that has an AMOLED panel of 10.5 inches that reaches a resolution of 2560x 1600 pixels. It also integrates on the screen a fingerprint reader, a wonderful detail to consider.

And eye, that despite the Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab display size, the phone has 244.5x 159.5, in relation to a 5.7 mm thickness. A figure that shows the manufacturer’s outstanding job, becoming less thick than the iPad Pro.

The S-Pen is returning to this device as anticipated. It is now linked via Bluetooth to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, enabling all the features to be seen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 touch pen. This allows us to regulate the reproductions of videos and even use the double camera that integrates in its back.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Best Performance hardware

One of the greatest characteristics this iPad Pro competitor integrates is not to be forgotten. The DeX mode that enables us to use a desktop mode. Of course, an internal monitor will not need to be used in the event of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

In addition to a dedicated button to activate this feature. We have the Book Cover keyboard, which has now been updated to give a trackpad.

Continuing with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6’s technical features, say this model is loaded to the top. He mounts a Snapdragon 855 processor, Qualcomm’s crown jewel, together with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, to start with.

You don’t believe that’s enough? Well, understand there’s an 8 GB RAM model and 256 GB storage model. And yes, your microSD card slot will enable you to increase your ability by 1 TB more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Camera

Another of your camera’s large surprises. And, although the photographic section is not usually a tablet’s powerful point, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 camera surprises with a dual lens scheme. Tab created by a 13-megapixel primary sensor, as well as a big6-megapixel camera angle with 123 degree FOV.

With regard to the launch date and the price of the new tablet from the manufacturer that comes to stand up to the iPad Pro. Say’s that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Tab will be available in three different colors in August, gray, blue and pink, at a price that is unknown at the moment.

Review Of Samsung New Tab

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Feature, Design, Specification & Review

Apple iPad remains to be launched by the Korean company. And in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, submitted in February and lastly reaching the market, we have a clear illustration.

We will therefore provide you with a full assessment of this tablet, detailing all the design information and characteristics of one of iPad Air’s finest options. Can he use it to Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e?

To begin with, we’re finding a device with a very solvent design. In this manner, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e stands out with very interesting sizes: 24x 16x 5.5 mm, in relation to just 400 grams of weight.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Yes, the 2019 iPad Air’s big competitor is really light. We need to add some metallic finishes to this to offer a really appealing image to the fresh Samsung tablet.

Screen Performance

And eye, to provide a series of very exciting rewards, the Korean company has spared no advantages. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e comes for starters with a scheme of facial recognition that has back us with very nice emotions. To this, on the tablet hand, we need to add a fingerprint reader, a place we discovered very convenient to use.

If we add a few screen frames to this quite restricted to be a tablet, we can say that the job done with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e by the design team of the Korean manufacturer is quite nice. It doesn’t have anything to aesthetically envy the 2019 iPad Air, and it costs less.

Feature Of Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

We discover a decaffeinated version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 in the technical chapter, which will certainly be submitted at IFA 2019. To start with, we discover a screen created by a Super AMOLED type 10.5-inch panel that reaches a resolution of 2560 / 1600, a ratio of 16:10 and a front usage of 81.8%.

To this, we need to add a Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor along with two 4 or 6 GB RAM settings and 64 or 128 GB internal storage configurations that we can expand through its microSD card slot. As anticipated, to move any game or application without significant issues, its output is more than solvent.

And what about the screen we don’t know about. Its 10.5-inch Super AMOLED technology panel was anticipated to deliver incredible image quality, and this Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e would not be an exception. An optimal device for enjoying multimedia content, particularly if we consider its AKG-signed speaker system offering great sound quality.

Battery Performance Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Finally, claim that your battery of 7,040 mAh provides more than solvent efficiency to achieve excellent autonomy. And if we add to this the 18W quickly charging scheme that comes with the Korean manufacturer’s Galaxy Tab S5e, we have a setup that is more than solvent.

Finally, to say that in spite of being a tablet, the photographic portion is quite fluid: its 13 megapixels in the back, in relation to the 8 megapixels of this tablet’s front camera, fulfill expectations, though without much fuss.

Price Galaxy Tab S5e

If we consider buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e for just € 499, a figure considerably reduced than its excellent competitor, the 2019 iPad Air, is one of the best choices to consider if you’re searching for a strong tablet, at a defined price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Review

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