OPPO Smartwatch competition for Apple Watch

Best OPPO Smartwatch competition for Apple Watch

OPPO Smartwatch: Not a few bury the intelligent watches industry using Google’s operating system, but this business seems to have found a fresh ally. And this isn’t just minor: we’re talking about OPPO. This firm has verified that it will launch its own smart watch, one of the most powerful in the smartphone segment.

The reality is that it’s a surprise that this company, one of the world’s top five, is betting on a smartwatch segment because there are few firms that have abandoned it (such as Motorola or Sony itself).

The fact is that this company, which has been working for some time to decide to have such an important global presence as the one it has achieved in China, will launch its first wearable accessory in a short time: it will be at the beginning of 2020 when this happens according to the information that has been known.

OPPO Smartwatch

The reality is that the information we have discussed so far comes from someone who understands very well what is being cooked inside OPPO: Shen Yiren, his vice president. This is the one who has restricted himself to having a intelligent watch and also to being official next year.

And, moreover, all shows that this wearable accessory will arrive with Wear OS (the Android version for wearables), Google’s smartwatch development (although it may include its own fork in China as it occurs with its smartphones). There’s no doubt about good news for Mountain View people and seeing how this supplier operates for customers as well.

Best OPPO Smartwatch Competitive with Apple SmartWatch

Besides the reality that the smartwatch is anticipated to arrive with great autonomy and potentially quickly charging (SuperVOOC), the phone seeks to have an OLED type screen and in one of its variants there will be no absence of access to mobile networks.

Besides that, Yiren himself has stated that they are also working on their own noise canceling headphones and that they will arrive in 2019-they could compete with Apple AirPods as well. It is therefore evident that it aims to build a wide ecosystem with the company’s various accessories.

To all this, we must add that OPPO has confirmed that the Reno 2 smartphone will be launched this year, a model that will come with a scandalous zoom: 20X.

Therefore, it seems clear that this manufacturer is going through a good time and that’s why this year and next it has prepared a lot of novelties. And, all this, without counting on the necessary surprises at the time of which there are no information as logical.

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