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Sony WF 1000XM3 Airpods

Contact the Sony WF-1000XM3, AirPods finest option

We informed you about the Sony WF 1000XM3 at the start of July, fresh wireless and autonomous headphones from the Japanese manufacturer that come up against the AirPods 2 of Apple. And now we’ve had the chance to test the Sony WF 1000XM3. And with their mouths open, they left us.

We’re talking about an option to the AirPods 2 promising the greatest autonomy in the autonomous wireless headphones industry. And not just that: the latest 1000XM3 has a noise cancelation scheme that vows to attain the value attained with the Japanese manufacturer’s Sony 1000 XM3, the jewel in the crown.

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More information about the latest AirPods rival Sony WF 1000XM3

The company based in Tokyo has worked very hard to say that, in terms of design, to give an exquisite design. The Sony WF 1000XM3 is really well constructed in this manner. They also have some very interesting information, like the touch buttons on the sides of each of the headphones of this AirPods 2 option.

Through them, in addition to passing songs and other popular behavior on machines of this sort, we can access various noise cancelation systems. And yes, as anticipated, it is really convenient to use the latest Sony WF-1000 XM3.

For half an hour we have been testing this fresh competing AirPods 2 and we have nothing to criticize in that regard. In the lack of a more in-depth assessment, we can see that the Sony WF-1000XM3 is going to be very comfortable for your day-to-day or any sporting activity.

Moving on to the Sony WF 1000XM3 features, say these autonomous wireless headphones have two noise cancelation systems. The Japanese company has incorporated a number of microphones into its two headphones for this purpose. The reason? To cancel it, they will be responsible for detecting the internal noise.

This processes internal noise, providing a noise cancelation that has nothing to envy to headphone headset devices. And that’s saying a lot about this sort of device. You don’t believe it’s enough? Well understand that the WF 1000 XM3 will have an enabled noise cancelation variety of 6 hours of use or 8 hours without noise cancellation.

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Obviously, these are the manufacturer’s data, but we have already tried other brand solutions, and they don’t tend to exaggerate in terms of autonomy. And if we add to that your battery’s quickly charging scheme, allowing you to charge 25 percent of the terminal in just 10 minutes, it’s evident that the fresh Sony AirPods are really big.

And how are they going to sound? Well, the tests we did left us with a great taste. A complete assessment of the Sony WF 1000XM3 will still be available to see how they act. But we must say they far outperform any of their competitors, including the AirPods 2, providing greater independence, better sound quality and great noise cancellation.

Review of Sony WF 1000XM3

Anyway, we invite you to see our first Sony WF 1000 XM3 video impressions so you don’t miss out on how they are the best solution to AirPods 2.

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