Latest Sonos’ first portable Bluetooth speaker

Today we will discuss about the Latest Sonos’ first portable Bluetooth speaker. We learn fresh information from Sonos ‘ first mobile Bluetooth speaker little by little. Yes, the sound device company has a broad catalog of such systems, but it has never introduced a portable version until now. And it’s more than clear we’re going to learn all the information at IFA 2019.

What has been an open secret up to now can now be verified. Most of all because the well-known WinFuture portal, a leak-specialized website, has just released the first official pictures of this Sonos mobile Bluetooth speaker. And, considering this site’s reputation, it seems the signature device is really anticipated.

As the people from the German-born web portal have stated, through this filtration we can see a sequence of marketing pictures showing us some very interesting information of the S17: Sonos Move, the first mobile Bluetooth speaker from the manufacturer.

Sonos portable Bluetooth speaker will have a stationary base

With regard to the design of the S17: Sonos Move, we face an oval-looking machine to provide 360-degree noise of high quality. As normal in this sort of alternatives, we will have the controls at the top of this Bluetooth speaker. This allows us to regulate the song being played, as well as boost or reduce the volume.

Surprise the symbol of the microphone at the top. Previous rumors spoke of the likelihood of this S17: Sonos Move being compatible with voice assistants from Alexa and Google. We can now verify that fact.

And it’s not just that. Apart from a mode that enables you to switch between Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, we also enjoy the on and off button on the side of this Sonos mobile Bluetooth speaker. The reason? S17’s stationary base: Sonos Move.

And, this model will have a base which, on the one side, will serve to charge Sonos ‘ anticipated Bluetooth speaker via its USB Type C port, although we can also charge the S17: Sonos Move separately. However, this base will also be accountable for supplying the device with WiFi capability.

Will we use it regularly in a certain location? The best way to have the S17 is to always connect Sonos Move to its charging point. Would you like to bring it with your colleagues to the kitchen, the bathroom or a party? It will fulfill your expectations with its Bluetooth mode.

As normal, this fresh mobile speaker from Sonos will promote AirPlay 2 in the solutions of the famous company specialized in high-quality sound products. Users of compatible appliances can therefore get the most out of it. And yes, Spotify Connect is certainly included in this product’s requirements, which are increasingly high.

We don’t know about the accessibility or cost of the S17: Sonos Move, but on August 26, taking advantage of the imminent arrival of the IFA 2019, the company has planned a press event where the anticipated speaker Signature Bluetooth mobile will certainly be presented.

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