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Samsung Galaxy Buds

Airpods Samsung Galaxy Buds surpass them in everything

Today we will discuss about the Samsung Buds. No one can deny that the Cupertino-based firm presented its wireless and autonomous headphones before and after in the sector.

Yes, the AirPods were not this type’s first helmets, but they were accountable for marking the starting gun, which led many companies to begin working on alternatives of this type.

One of the AirPods ‘ big competitors is the Samsung Galaxy Buds. For some moment, the Korean manufacturer had tried to stand up to the wireless headphones of Apple. And that’s how he did it! While both models were presented almost concurrently, Samsung swept its big competitor.

And, Consumer Reports has announced a rating with the best wireless headphones, one of the industry’s most prestigious journals. The lead? The best on the market are the Samsung Galaxy Buds, while the AirPods stay in a shameful 49th position.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

To be precise, the Samung Galaxy Buds had a complete score of 86 points in the category of wireless headphones. Instead, there were only 56 points for the AirPods. An abysmal distinction between these wireless headphones, highlighting the Seoul-based company’s excellent job, and the complete failure of Apple’s autonomous headphones in design and sound quality.

AirPods can’t do anything against Samsung Galaxy Buds

Keep in mind that Consumer Reports is an American-born magazine published by the Consumers Union since 1936. A non-profit organization that performs unbiased testing of products. So we’re not talking about a Korean media, but Apple’s own nation of origin claims to offer a greater value to its excellent competitor.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds thus received a rating of “Excellent” in the sound quality category. Yes, the wireless and autonomous headphones from the manufacturer are the first headphones from Bluetooth to attain this score. In terms of design and functionality, they have also exceeded their competitor.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Price

Samsung Galaxy Buds Price: Furthermore, it should be remembered that there is a very noticeable price distinction. When the second generation AirPods came onto the market, the normal charging case cost 179 euros. Or 229 if you wished the wireless charging version.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds instead came at a much more restrained price: € 149, with higher autonomy and wireless charging as normal in their case. A 70 euro difference that is now more accentuated. And, thanks to Amazon offers, you can purchase the best option to AirPods for less than 130 euros.

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