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Samsung Galaxy A80

Best Samsung Galaxy A80 Price, Design, Feature & Review

Best Best Samsung A80 Price, Design, Feature & Review. The Korean manufacturer launched the Samsung Galaxy A80 a few months ago. A device that made us feel very nice when we had our first impressions to show you. Now, we’re bringing you a full assessment of the Galaxy A80 after a few weeks of use.

Of course, we have a phone in exchange that shines alone. Whatever the size of this phablet is, it compensates for its size by being able to have a phone with such restricted frames. And, the phone looks really nice, the focus of all eyes. Especially when your rotary camera is activated.

As normal, we’re going to start this Samsung Galaxy A80 analysis talking about the chapter on aesthetics. And yes, it’s this model’s most distinguishing aspect, getting a really appealing design. Of course, the new phone has to be said to be pretty bulky. It is a big terminal with sizes of 16.5x 7.3x 9.3 mm as well as a weight of 219 grams.

Samsung Galaxy A80

The Samsung Galaxy A80 also integrates a fingerprint sensor on its display as it becomes increasingly prevalent in high-end devices. It doesn’t operate as well as a traditional one, but day-to-day it’s more than enough. Moving to the correct side is where we find the terminal’s on and off button, while the volume control buttons are situated on the left side.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Design

Best Samsung Galaxy A80 Design: Speaking from the front, say the screen has no camera system or any other form. And, thanks to its lens ‘ rotating mechanism, we are saving that room, making the panel look really smooth. And if we add its minimalist frames to this, the visual result must be said to be excellent.

And, besides the speaker and slot to insert a SIM card, we can’t overlook the bottom where the USB Type C is situated. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has chosen not to incorporate a 3.5 mm audio output, although we can always connect a cable headset to the Samsung using the adapter that arrives in the box.

One of this terminal’s most appealing components is in its back. On the one side, we have the rotating system, which makes this unit very appealing and has a distinct design. Moreover, the device’s body has a slightly curved structure that makes catching very comfortable.

To complete with the Samsung Galaxy A80’s design section, it has to be said that the terminal is made of aluminum and tempered glass, so the touch is really cheap and you get a wonderful sense of quality when you have it in your hand. Overall, a very well-built device that can be considered as an outstanding choice if you want a distinct phone.

Feature Samsung Galaxy A80

Feature of Samsung Galaxy A80: How else could it be, the Korean manufacturer has fitted the finest hardware on the market for the Galaxy A80 to beat you with the finest phones on the market. We find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage for this purpose.

You can’t expand your internal memory, but we shouldn’t worry about anything with that ability. Yes, the processor has a large mid-range, but it compensates for its 8 GB of RAM. We have been testing distinct games during the assessment of the Samsung Galaxy A80 that require a big load of graphics, and we have to say that it has behaved very well.

On the other side, say it provides excellent autonomy with its 3700 mAh battery, but without excellent boasting. You can rest easy, without any problems the Galaxy A80 will keep you all day. Furthermore, its quick 25 W load is another excellent detail to consider. Of course, there’s the multimedia part where the manufacturer uses muscle.

The Samsung Galaxy A80 screen reaches a 6.7-inch diagonal created by an AMOLED panel resulting in a film. Yes, the absence of a notch makes the experience come up with surprising outcomes when it comes to enjoying multimedia content. Of course, we’ve been disappointed by the audit section. No, the terminal’s noise is not bad, but if we compare it with the manufacturer’s other latest alternatives, particularly if we look at its mastod√≥ntica screen, we were expecting better sound quality.

Camera Of Samsung Galaxy A80

To conclude with our evaluation of the Korean manufacturer’s rotary camera phone, we could not disregard the section on photography. And that’s what promises the Samsung Galaxy A80 camera, and a lot. On paper, we discover a first 48 megapixel sensor with focal aperture 2.0, backed by an 8 megapixel wide angle offering 123 degrees. And yes, a third ToF sensor capturing the depth and offering a fantastic photo section.

The captures we created with the Samsung Galaxy A80 camera, as you can see in these photographic examples, left us with a nice taste in the mouth: the wide angle is very nice, and the captures will be surprising in excellent lighting circumstances. And what about the terminal’s selfie mode.

Latest Price Samsung Galaxy A80

Latest Price Samsung Galaxy A80 in Pakistan, India, USA. As expected, we have one of the best cameras on the market when making a selfie, so if you’re a self-portrait lover, the front camera, which is the same as the rear camera, gets high results. Is it worth the purchase? Because it’s 50 euros cheaper on Amazon now, it costs 629 euros, it’s one of the best choices on the market if you want a distinct phone.

Surprising this setup that misses the zoom, but instead we have a sensor that better captures the depth. The lead? Great pictures. We have to say that it is slightly below its competitors in some circumstances, particularly in low light circumstances. Price in different Country:

Pakistan Rs. 119,999
India Rs. 45,590
USA $894

Review Samsung Galaxy A80

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