Computer is used for printing and editing, we see local news on TV we see many more regular newspapers and many more channels the machine does the key job in the backend.

Press articles are written on the computer and then printed and press is generated on the computer and combine and results on the computer, and if we tell press it’s all about the internet it wouldn’t be bad because it’s all about a machine.

All government sectors have computer systems Police can single-click check the records of all criminals and trace the people.

The military has its own record keeping systems for all of its staff and everything else and the agency has their own processes to handle, so every person has a computer to operate in the workplace for one day.

The education system has a complete computer system, even results that students can check on their computers are announced online. Navy has its own systems to control all their records and handle their submarine people and their weapons.

IT Company Dubai. The air force has its own structures to explain how to organize an aircraft, how to function and how to handle offices.

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