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ALCATEL 3 2019

ALCATEL 3 2019 Latest Smart Mobile Price, Feature, Specification & Review

During the last edition of MWC 2019, the French manufacturer presented its new generation of mobile phones. When we had the opportunity to try the Alcatel 3 at the fair, the phones left us feeling very good. But is the 2019 Alcatel worth purchasing? We provide you with a full device assessment for this, where we break down all the information of this fresh entry-level phone.

And it’s that, if we compare it with the industry’s heavy weights, we’re talking about a easy phone. However, considering that the 2019 Alcatel 3 does not exceed 180 euros, we face one of the best accessible terminals on the market within its cost range. Let’s see all this model’s information.

Beginning with the design, saying that 2019’s Alcatel 3 is a phone is a really handy tool. With size of 15x 6.9x 8 mm and a weight of just 145 grams, the fresh phone from the manufacturer stands out because of its very restrained size. On the other side, to say that in the aesthetic segment it surprises us.

ALCATEL 3 2019 Latest Smart Mobile Price, Detail, Specification & Review

The 2019 Alcatel 3 comes in a very appealing color palette with a notch type fall of water on the screen, providing minimal front frames. A detail that amazed us in a range of entries, allowing us to enjoy a contemporary look. On the other side, say the phone’s output is 3.5 mm, another detail to consider.

ALCATEL 3 2019 Specification

ALCATEL 3 2019 Specification: Before discussing the features of 2019’s Alcatel 3 in depth, to say there were two details that surprised us. On the one side, the system of double camera mounting the terminal. And the fact that it integrates a reader of fingerprints that works quite well, on the other hand. We have more than enough characteristics to move on to hardware for any consumer searching for a phone for day-to-day use and without excellent advantages.

Thus, the specificaiton of Acatel 3 is, 3 or 4 GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of internal storage, we discover a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor. And to that we have to add a 3,500 mAh battery that amazed us with the 2019 Alcatel 3’s outstanding independence.

Obviously, with this 2019 Alcatel 3, we can’t enjoy leading games, but we can surf the Internet, try games that don’t require a big graphic load, use apps… In brief, the phone is very good at being a range entry, so we have nothing to criticize in this regard. Or yes, because it happens with Android 8.1 Oreo, the French manufacturer’s blunder.

ALCATEL 3 2019 Feature

ALCATEL 3 2019 Feature: As for the 2019 Alcatel 3 display, it has an IPS technology and HD+ resolution and widescreen 5.94-inch panel. Yes, it’s a reality that it would have greater image quality with a Full HD+ screen, but the colors it offers are worthwhile. The colors are clear and vivid, the range of colors is good, the level of brightness is more than right and, in short, we are facing a solution that is more than solvent. The best? That its 720p display will help further enhance the 2019 Alcatel 3 battery.

And the chapter on photography? Obviously the 2019 Alcatel 3 camera is not a wonder. On paper, together with a second 5 megapixel sensor, we discover a 13 megapixel lens. As anticipated in an entry range, the captures acquired will be great if we take pictures with favourable lighting circumstances. In comparison, the findings will be quite poor in badly lit settings, particularly in night mode. There’s something to expect on such a inexpensive Android phone.

In short, the 2019 Alcatel 3 is an outstanding alternative to consider if you want a inexpensive phone, taking into consideration its characteristics and cost.

ALCATEL 3 2019 Review

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