Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista Wireless Bluetooth Airpods Hands On

Best detail about the Jaybird Vista Wireless Bluetooth Airpods Hands On. Although it must be acknowledged that Apple has marked a wireless and autonomous headphones before and after in the sector, we have excellent solutions to Airpods today.

We’ve seen some alternatives already, like the Huawei Freebuds Lite, and we’re bringing you a fresh instance now. Have you got your name? Jaybird Vista.

It’s not the first time we’ve discussed the company’s alternatives. A straightforward instance is a wireless headset suitable for sports in the Jaybird X3 Wireless.

Jaybird Vista

However, in the event of the company’s new Vista specialized in audio products, they have a much more contemporary design, providing an autonomous product similar to the AirPods 2. Despite having some benefits to consider.

USB Type-C output Jaybird Vista

The company’s concept is to create your Jaybird Vista one of the best alternatives to consider if you’re searching for a quality and rugged and autonomous wireless headphones. And, as you can see, the manufacturer’s job was high.

Starting with the development of the Salt Lake City-based company’s new wireless headphones, it looked for a model that would allow it to be used without significant issues.

Will you exercise sport on a regular basis? You can rest easy as this model has a mechanism to keep it from falling out of your ears.

On the other side, they are a very light product, weighing 6 grams each, besides being certified IPX7. To this, we need to add a sealing mechanism inside an internal capsule so that if we sweat excessively when exercising, its parts will not suffer any harm.

Jaybird Vista Detail

And what is connectivity about? A system very comparable to that used in AirPods 2 has been introduced by the manufacturer. In this manner, the headphones are very readily connected to our smartphone or tablet via a near-field magnetic induction scheme.

We must also remember that these designs have 6 hours of flexibility, more than other comparable cost wireless headphones. Furthermore, its carrying case, which operates as a Jaybird Vista charger, provides an extra 10 hours of autonomy.

And eye, as well as having a USB Type C output that enables us to charge it in a really comfortable manner, the box is tiny and manageable.

Furthermore, the sound quality that this option to the AirPods 2 offers is of high quality. Partly thanks to the Jaybird implementation, which allows you to regulate the equalization of your 6 mm transducers in order to provide a clear and crisp sound.

Jaybird Vista Price

Jaybird Vista Price: In terms of availability and price, say the new Jaybird Vista wireless headphones have an official price of € 179, although you can now buy on sale at Amazon for a really restricted price: € 149.

Jaybird Vista Review

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick Best Price, Review, Feature

One of the greatest gadgets you can purchase during your summer vacation is a dongle to enjoy any multimedia content. We’re referring to a segment that converts any traditional TV into a Smart TV. Or, if you’re staying in a hotel, you can access Netflix or HBO content without going through the box. And now it’s on sale the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Price: Well, a € 10 decrease in the cost of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, using this strong tool on our Smart TV or on hotel TV, and enjoying all the news that comes in the form of releases on Netflix during the month of August.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Yes, it looks like the internet marketing giant understands we’re on holiday this summer and wants to give us the opportunity to enjoy our favourite films and series anywhere, without worrying about anything. A clear instance is the Amazon Fire TV Stick Price, which is now 10 euros cheaper, although we will demonstrate you the finest designs for less than 30 euros if for any reason you prefer another dongle.

Review Amazon Fire TV Stick

With Google’s renowned Chromecast, the King of the Dongle is undoubtedly the Amazon Fire TV Stick. A truly solvent device that allows you to enjoy on demand the primary content platforms on any HDMI output screen.

Furthermore, if you are subscribed to Amazon Premium, which you can now attempt for a month without going through this link through the box, you can enjoy its video platform on request. Best Amazon Fire TV Stick Review.

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